Below we have compiled a few useful tips on how best to store and prepare the different vegetables that you can purchase from our farm in season. Please feel free to contact us if you have questions.

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In the spring and early summer we harvest beets in bunches with their leafy tops. They are small, tender and come with wonderful edible greens. During the fall & winter you will receive larger beets without tops in your share...

Bok Choi is a very mild Asian cooking green. It can also be called bok choy or pak choi. It is a cool weather crop and is grown in the spring and fall.

Storage Tips

• Wrap bok choi is a damp towel or put it in a plastic bag and...

Storage Tips

• Keep unwashed, trimming only the large leaves

• Store in a perforated, plastic bag in the refrigerator

• It will keep fresh for several days

Culinary Tips

• First rinse the broccoli

• If necessary, soak upside down i...

An unusual, medium-sharp flavored green widely grown in Italy. It has edible stems, green leaves, and small broccoli-like buds that open up to yellow flowers. We usually harvest the leaves when they are young & tender before...

You will receive 4 types of cabbage in your share. Early in the season you will receive arrowhead & baby green cabbage. Mid-season you will receive red cabbage. In the late season we will distribute green cabbage for winter s...

The early carrots are a smaller, more tender variety and are harvested in bunches with their tops. The late fall and winter carrots are varieties especially chosen for their ability to hold moisture and retain sweetness even...

Chard is harvested as a green, leafy vegetable. Chard is in the spinach family but contains no oxalic acid, which makes it easier for us to absorb the nutrients from the chard. These greens are high in vitamins A, E, & C and...

Collards contain 8 times as much Vitamin A as cabbage & twice as much as broccoli. There is more vitamin C in a serving of Collards than in a glass of orange juice. Collard greens become sweet after frost. Kale and collards c...

Cucumbers are mainly water and once they are harvested they tend to shrivel very fast (for this reason, most commercial cucumbers are sold waxed). Cucumbers help replenish the fluids & minerals we Jose during the hot summer m...

One of the nightshade families of vegetables, which also include peppers, tomatoes and potatoes. These plants like to grow in warm conditions and for this reason we plant them out in a bed prepared with black plastic which tr...

Storage Tips

• Store unwashed in a perforated plastic bag in the refrigerator

• Best when eaten within a week

Culinary Tips

• To prepare, break off the top of the bean at the stem end

• Best when blanched or steam for 5-10 min

• Be...

Kale is extremely hardy and will take us through the coldest days of fall and early winter. It develops a slight sweet flavor when it goes through a frost. It is a very nutritious veggie, high in vitamins A, C, & the mineral...

Leeks differ from onions in developing more of a layered stalk versus a round bulb. They are milder in flavor and tougher in texture than the onion.

Storage Tips

• Refrigerate leek unwashed with roots attached fro up to two wee...

We grow a wide variety of head lettuce and salad mix.

Storage Tips

• Place the lettuce in a bath of cold water and swish it a round and then spin dry before storing.

• Store the lettuce in a plastic bag in the fridge. Storing th...

Because of the long growing season required for onions, they are the first seeds to be started in the greenhouse in late February. We harvest one variety as fresh green onions. These onions will not store well By late August...

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We have compiled a list of our favorite recipes to help you make the most out of your CSA veggies. Enjoy!


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