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Leeks differ from onions in developing more of a layered stalk versus a round bulb. They are milder in flavor and tougher in texture than the onion.

Storage Tips

• Refrigerate leek unwashed with roots attached fro up to two weeks. Wrap tightly in plastic so the flavor isn't absorbed by other foods.

Culinary Tips

• Cut leek almost in half lengthwise. Dirt collects between the layers so run the leek under lukewarm water to rinse out the dirt. Be sure to move the layers and check for dirt.

• Strip off any damaged outer leaves and trim off the roots.

• You can use most of the green leaves just trim off the very tips.

• Lightly sauté leeks alone or with other veggies.

• Add leeks to quiches, egg dishes, casseroles, stews, stocks, and stir-fries.

• Add cooked leek to mashed potatoes.

• Puree cooked leeks for a soup base.




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