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One of the nightshade families of vegetables, which also include peppers, tomatoes and potatoes. These plants like to grow in warm conditions and for this reason we plant them out in a bed prepared with black plastic which traps and holds the warmth in the soil.

Storage Tips

• Eggplant is best eaten fresh. Best is stored at a cool room temp. & not in the fridge.

Culinary Tips

• Eggplant can be peeled but isn't necessary, especially with the skinny Asian varieties.

• Slice eggplant & lightly salt. Let sit for Hl-15 min. the squeeze out excess liquid. This reduces the amount of oil needed to cook the eggplant.

• Top pasta with sautéed eggplant.

• Grill slices of eggplant with other vegetables.

• Dip chunks of eggplant in flour or in eggs & seasoned breadcrumbs. Sauté in hot oil until lightly brown. Season with herbs, garlic, grated cheese, etc.

• Add to stir fries or pasta sauce.


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