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All green peppers are unripe red or other colored peppers. We grow green to red bell peppers and "Italia" peppers, which are long and thin. This variety turns red and sweet quickly and is great for roasting. Peppers are high in iron and vitamins A,C, and E.

Storage Tips

• Red peppers spoil faster than green peppers.

• Store in the fridge for up to a week, unwashed

Culinary Tips

• For greatest nutrient retention eat peppers raw

• Add raw strips to salads and sandwiches, eat strips with your favorite dip

• Roast peppers, place red pepper over hot coals or an open flame on your grill. Toast it, turning often, until the skin is evenly blackened. Place pepper in a brown bag for 10 min. to steam. Skin will peel off easily with a knife.

• Marinate and grill peppers.

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